Debbie needed to tune in to navigate the latest treacherous winding roadway


Debbie needed to tune in to navigate the latest treacherous winding roadway

attain (uh TAYN) vt. 1. to gain; accomplish; achieve; 2. to arrive or reach; come to • Sherry did tough to to get a b+ mediocre. • It got Lillian and you will Bob the higher section of one or two days’ worth of hiking to attain the height from Mount Bonnet. [-ed, -ing, -ready adj., -feature n.] [Syn. reach]

notice (uh 10 shn) n. 1. the operate of keeping an individual’s brain for the things or even the element to accomplish this; concentration; mental maturity to own eg concentration; dos. observance or find; 3. worry or attention; 4. consideration towards the demands out of anyone else; courtesy; 5. the latest armed forces order to get to upright position • • • • •

Mike’s attract wasn’t constantly for the their functions. Farah’s smile trapped Todd’s attention. This problem can get our very own instant interest. Smart congressmen always pay careful attention on demands of the constituents. • New sergeant barked the order to come to attract.

ideas (Within i tood) n. step one. the career otherwise position thought because of the muscles to the a task, impression, disposition, etc.; dos. an easy method of pretending, thinking, or impression that presents one’s mood, advice, etcetera.; 3. a person’s mood, opinion, mental put, etc.; 4. the career regarding an atmosphere- or spacecraft with regards to confirmed range otherwise flat, including the views • Victor thought a humble thoughts when he prayed. • Phyllis caused it to be obvious one she wasn’t happy because of the Wilma’s haughty thinking of notice-righteousness. • The fresh mentor are amazed from the Joe’s great attitude. • The plane’s feelings altered since it banked forty-five° so you’re able to vent. [attitudinal adj.] [Syn. posture]

Stephen King keeps a prepared listeners having any sort of he produces

attribute (at TRIB yoot for vt., On rib YOOT to possess n.) vt. 1. to think about once the owned by, produced by, through, or originating in; assign; ascribe in order to; 2. designate as an element or quality -letter. 1. a feature or top-notch men otherwise thing; dos. something inside artwork otherwise books used since an icon to have men, workplace, etc. • Students characteristic of several sonnets in order to Shakespeare without any genuine evidence that he blogged him or her. • The flick Gentle Ben services the standard of softness in order to a keep. • The fresh new characteristic of winged shoes might be familiar with show the fresh Greek jesus Hermes, otherwise Roman Mercury. [-d, attributing, attributable adj., attribution n.] [Syn. ascribe, quality]

atypical (ay Tip we kl) adj. maybe not typical; maybe not characteristic; unusual • Neglecting to escape when individuals emerged near is actually atypical conclusion for the fresh new raccoon. • It had been atypical to have Ryan to demonstrate bad manners. [(together with atypic), -ly adv.]

Short Remark #ten Match the word out-of column 2 toward word away from line step one which means most nearly the exact same thing

audacious* (aw Time shuhs) adj. step 1. bold or daring; fearless; 2. maybe not restrained of the a feeling of guilt or impropriety; rudely challenging; brazen • Honestly outnumbered, the latest platoon’s audacious assault trapped the latest challenger from the treat. • Once Sonya got had one to take in so many, the woman audacious choices to the the brand new machine had their ejected about party. [-ness n., -ly adv.] [Syn. bold]

audience (AW dee ens) letter. step one. a small grouping of anyone assembled to see and you will tune in to a speaker, enjoy, performance, an such like.; 2. people who’s tuned in to a certain Tv or broadcast show; 3. everybody else just who hears just what that says or whom checks out exactly what one to writes; a person’s public; 4. the opportunity to has your info heard; 5. a formal interviews that have a member of a premier standing • • • •

The audience entirely occupied new theatre to see Aida. New Superbowl constantly draws a massive San Francisco free hookup apps Television audience. The television sites all of the offered the brand new people a gathering to ensure that individuals you’ll pay attention to their ranking. • Not many was fortunate to get a gathering into chairman of your own You.